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Willow Hill Reservoir
Beals Point State Park

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Our events are now cupless
Each runner is responsible for bringing their own reusable cup or water bottle. Reusable cups are small, are no problem to carry along while running and will save hundreds of cups from being trashed, and possibly blown away littering our beautiful trails. We  recommend you purchase your water bottle or reusable cups in advance at your local running store or online at


Willow Hill Reservoir
(5/4, 5/18, 6/1)

Parking at Folsom High School, 1655 Iron Point Road, Folsom, CA
Park in the teacher parking lot
Race registration/start/finish on the grass, near parking lot, adjacent to the lake

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Course information - See course map. 5k is 2 laps. 10k is 4 laps
This is a great spectator event as you will be able to see and cheer on the runners as they run through.

Hydration stations
- Set up is near the start/finish area, so will be available every 1.5 miles.


Beals Point State Park
(5/11, 5/25, 6/8)
Folsom-Auburn Rd, Folsom

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Location Map

Course description (Race #2)
5k - Starting at Beals Point State Park, the course heads West over the levee, down the gravel road and up the other side. Runners take a sharp left heading down on single trail and continuing on single track trails while taking a sharp right and up the hill. Continue on this trail, crossing a small wooden bridge and continuing on paralleling Auburn-Folsom Rd and up the switch-back to the first hydration station at Mile 1. Continue heading up the hill behind the horse stables where the course takes a loop, then back the way you came. So, basically it's an out and back. Super-easy to navigate!
Ribbons: Follow orange ribbons only and white arrows on the ground where needed.

10k - This is a fun and challenging course. This course is the same as the 5k heading out, but extends farther toward Granite Bay State Park on the levee road. Follow the levee road to Granite Bay 5% ramp gate where you will find the 2nd hydration station. From the water station, proceed up to the water tower, follow markings back down to the levee road. Proceed back on the levee road, connecting to the 5k course all the way to the finish.
Follow orange ribbons until the 5k turnaround point (approx 1.5 miles), then proceed to Granite Bay following dark pink ribbons. When you get back to the 5k turnaround, follow the orange ribbons for the remainder of the race (approx the last 1.5 miles). The ground will be marked with white arrows where needed.

Hydration station - At the 10k turnaround at the 5% ramp gate before proceeding up to the water tower.  Please note: Since the temps are pretty cool today, there will be no water station on the 5k course today. We do encourage you to carry a water bottle.

To park in the Beals Point State Park, there is an entrance fee per vehicle. You may purchase an annual California State Parks Poppy Pass from the pay station attendant or from the District Office.

Folsom Lake SRA

Optional Free Parking ideas:
1) North of Beals Point there is parking at Cavitt Jr High School in Granite Bay.
You can ride a bike/walk/run on the levee to Beals Point, approx 1 mile.
2) South of Beals Point there is parking at the strip mall at Folsom Lake Crossing and Auburn-Folsom Road.
You can jump onto the bike trail and ride/walk/run about 1/2 mile to Beals Point.