Rules and Scoring

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FTRS Series Rules and Scoring

Scoring and Points System

Scoring and Points System

Runners who finish each race will accumulate points as follows:

Each time you finish a race, you receive points. Your points will accrue each time you race and you will be able to see in the Results how you stand in your age group and overall. You can choose to run any number of races (1-6). Your final score will be the sum of your race points. If you run more than 5 races you have an advantage...we take your best 5 out of 6 races for your final race points.  :)
Series Points Standings: There will be separate 5k and 10k points standings overall, gender and age group. To qualify for awards, you will want to stick with either the 5k or 10k throughout the Series. You may switch from 5k to 10k and visa versa, but the points will not transfer. For example, if you race the 5k in Race #1 and 10k in Race #2, your points will be listed in each respective race distance. The points from Race #1 (5k) will remain with the 5k series points and will NOT be carried over to the 10k series points if you decide to switch over to the 10k and visa versa.
If you want to switch race distance: You may switch from 5k to 10k or 10k to 5k. If you want to switch your race distance, please inform registration at check-in prior to race start.

Rain/90+ degree race days - If it's raining or 90+ degrees at race start, the race director will declare that race a bonus points race.

Your age at registration - Your age for the series will be your age on the last race in the series, i.e, June 8, 2017.

Age Groups - Male and Female Age Groups: 0-12, 13-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70+.

Awards - Since this is a Series, we DO NOT present medals at each race. Each participant will receive a finishers certificate, which can be printed or shared with friends on Facebook, etc. The Wee Kids will receive a FTRS finishers token at every race.  The Series Awards will be presented to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place Series Points winners in each age group at the Series Awards Party on Thursday, June 15 at Fort Rock Brewing. See more about the Awards Party on the HOME page.
You are rewarded for consistency and effort!
The race series is a way to encourage friendly competition and appreciation for the runners who participate in the Folsom Trail Run Series.  Most importantly, have FUN!



1. All participants must finish by 7:45 pm.

2. Race registration/bibs are not transferable. 

3. Switching races distances. You may switch races, i.e., if you signed up for the 10k, you may switch to the 5k. However, you must let us know about this change at registration BEFORE the race starts. Not finishing the distance you registered for will result in a DNF.

4. You must notify a race official in the registration area if you are dropping out of the race. Please DO NOT run through the finish chute if you are NOT finishing the race.

5. Bib numbers must be visible at all times during the run.

6. Timing chips must be returned after you finish.  Unreturned chips cost $2.

7. Please respect our parks and do not litter! If you drop something, please pick it up.

8. Portable music players or any device requiring ear buds are not recommended.  Due to the nature of trail running, many trails are narrow and passing can be challenging if you cannot hear someone coming up behind you. One ear bud may be acceptable if the volume is turned down low enough to hear others around you.

9. Pets and pacers are NOT permitted on the course. The only exception is the parent of a small child to ensure they don't get lost.

10. Non-registered runners are NOT permitted at any time Running as a bandit (not registering) in organized events is inappropriate even though you donít consume drinks or food. The organizers expend a tremendous amount of time and money for permits, park monitors, volunteers, staff, measuring and marking the course, course maintenance, park fees, insurance, and publicizing the event. Registered runners would not be able to enjoy the group experience if these efforts and costs were not made by the event organizers.

11. All registered runners must stay on marked, designated trails. If you go off-course, go back and re-enter where you went off course.  Cutting the course will result in disqualification for that race.

12. We cannot offer race refunds or transfer funds to other races events.

13. Federal, state and local laws and ordinances must be abided by at all times.

14. Participants must sign a race day waiver. Participants under the age of 18 years old must have a waiver signed by their parent or legal guardian.

15. Race protests must be filed in writing with the Race Director, Diane Cressey, within 30 minutes of completing the race. All protests will be reviewed and amicably resolved by the parties involved with the ultimate decision made by the Race Director.