Team Competition

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The Team Competition starts May 26th

The Team Competition is for fun and friendly competition between running teams and clubs. 
What do you win? Bragging rights!

We will use the points from May 26th through June 16th (4 races). 

Team Competition Rules and Requirements

  1. To enter your team into the Team Competition, you must select a Team Captain who will be responsible for getting everyone on the team signed up on the TEAM COMPETITION FORM prior to the May 26th race.  Forms are also available at the races.

  2. Each team member must be a registered runner.

  3. There will be two separate Team Competitions: Small Team (3-4 runners), or Large Team (5 or more). If you have a large club/team and would like to split up your group into several teams in each category, you could name your teams, for example, Speedy Shoes Racing Team #1, Speedy Shoes Racing Team #2, etc...

  4. Once you have been entered into the Team Competition, you cannot be removed.

  5. No runner substitutions, changes or drop outs after the competition has started.

Team Scoring System
The scoring method is based on an average score for your team. Your individual scores are added together each race and divided by the number of members on your team. This is the team's score for that race. If any of your team members do not show up it will HURT YOUR SCORE, so make sure your team members participate each week!

Most of all this is for no kicking, spitting, tripping or elbowing!!!  

Question: For the Folsom Trails Sprint Series can you compete as an individual AND on a team? Or is it that once you're on a team you no longer are eligible for the series awards?
Answer: Everyone is registered as an individual runner first, then you have the option of participating in the Team Competition. So, if you sign up for the Team Competition you will continue to compete as an individual AND team and be eligible for Series awards.